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Today’s new lawyer has been called 
to raise the bar.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about lawyers. Every bad joke, every rigid stereotype, every typecast Hollywood legal beagle. We want to introduce you to today’s new lawyer. One who's socially conscious, curious and consumer focused. At Newton's, we're challenging the conventions of traditional law.


Our Mandate

Newton's is redefining the practice of law. We're on your side, working every day to deliver affordable and efficient legal services that don’t compromise quality. Your interactions with lawyers should be pleasant, not painful. Take a deep breath in -- isn’t the air fresh?

It's safe to say, we're not your typical law firm. 
We don't believe that you need to walk into a fancy downtown office, or be met by a stuffy lawyer in an expensive suit and tie to receive quality legal advice and support. With today's consumer in mind, we're building a new kind of lawyer-client relationship -- one of transparency, efficiency and equality. 

Don't sweat billable hours. 
It's called transparent pricing because you will always know exactly what you're paying for upfront. It's a more affordable model for the average consumer, without stiffing on quality. You shouldn't buy legal services in the same place you buy your groceries. Nor should you be forced to drown in legal debt to pay for extra hours with a high priced lawyer. 

We work the same way you do.
Using today's technologies, we can improve our ability to serve you well. Send us documents online, schedule Skype calls, and connect with us from anywhere, at anytime. Invite us over for brunch -- yes, we make house calls.

Lawyer intimidation is so last decade. 
We work with you as a partner, on equal footing, in a non-condescending manner because dealing with a lawyer should not be irreparably damaging to your ego.

We back the underdogs.
Part of our initiative is to find cases that would never get a sniff at legal funding, but are still worthwhile.

Sound interesting?


Meet Ian Perry (Founding Lawyer) 

A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, Ian has lots of fancy law awards, and even more letters beside his name. He cut his teeth working at a highly-regarded, suit-and-tie boutique law firm in Toronto, where he practiced in several areas and dealt with some heavy weight cases. 

But that’s not what makes Ian the lawyer he is today. Ian saw the future of law, and became an early adopter. New law was progressive and passionate -- breaking away from the patterns established years (nay, decades!) ago, and closely aligned with how people think and relate in today’s world. Ian has built Newton’s Legal, from the ground up, with a foundation built on these principles.

Volunteerism is a big part of that philosophy, and Ian is very proud of the important work being done through Newton’s Initiatives.

It’s simple. Ian wants to be the kind of lawyer that you can count on. Whether that’s going to bat for you, translating legal-ese to english, or answering emails/phone calls/texts faster than the average bear.

Talk to Ian. You’ll really like the guy.